Overwatch’s New Tank, Orisa, Detailed in a New Hero Preview

Overwatch looks to add a new dimension to the Tank class with the release of Orisa: the quadruped Guardian Robot. Coupling a defensive shield, long-range attacks and a handy damage buff for allies, the new hero looks to take a unique role in battle.

Take a look at her official preview below:

From the official Overwatch hero page: “Orisa serves as the central anchor of her team, and defends her teammates from the frontline with a protective barrier. She can attack from long range, fortify her own defences, launch graviton charges to slow and move enemies, and deploy a Supercharger to boost the damage output of multiple allies at once.”

Want to learn more about the Orisa? Be sure to head over to her official Hero page here for a closer look at her abilities and more on her journey from being a lowly OR15 defence robot to one of Numbani’s elite protectors.

Orisa is scheduled for release onto live servers on 21 March 2017.