Aweawe_za Claims FIFA PS4 Sapphire Proving Grounds First Place

The first cup in the Sapphire series is now complete with Greg “aweawe_za” Vituli walking away with the ,Sapphire Genesis Proving Grounds victory and the first place seed at the upcoming Sapphire Showdown. The Showdown is set to start on the 6-12 March, once the DO-OR-DIE Cup has been completed, and will see sixteen players battling it out for their chance at the upcoming Community Shield Event.

Telkom Gaming caught up with Greg “aweawe_za” Vituli to talk more about his Proving Grounds experience and how the system works as FIFA 17 continues to climb in popularity:

Telkom Gaming (TG): Since this year has been extremely different in the DGL, how do you feel about entering the Showdowns and Cups?

Greg “aweawe_za” Vituli: I think the cups are a great way to give everyone an opportunity to qualify for the main tournament. It filters the best players and really ensures that the main tournament is only for the best players out there.

TG: Do you enjoy a more active system like the Cups? (Proving Grounds and DO-OR-DIE).

Vituli: Yes, the more active system proves consistency rather than waiting long periods between rounds.

TG: Moving forward we saw 27 players register for the Sapphire Proving Grounds, do you think this number will continue to grow?

Vituli: Definitely. This year alone there has been a huge increase in the number of local players and I have no doubt that this number will grow at a high rate. It says a lot about the South African community.

TG: You have some strong competition to face in the upcoming showdown, how do you prepare for these games?

Vituli: To be perfectly honest I just play every game with the same mindset. I don’t prepare any different to how I would prepare for an online friendly game with a friend. It’s all about enjoying the game.

TG: Lastly, who is your toughest opponent?

Vituli: I faced some very difficult opposition. Abu “Energy_AbuAkhals“ Akhalwaya in the final gave me a good game however I thought I was really lucky to win my semi final against Vin ‘Simple_vin “ Mushwana. He gave the the toughest three games of the whole cup run.

Overall it was a great victory as Greg Vituli climbed through the ranks and landed in first place, and while the top eight will still go through to the Showdown he will most definitely be a favourite to secure the Sapphire Showdown title.

Top Eight (no particular order):

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