Are Valve Trolling or Throwing Hints At Us?

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive subreddit has been stacked full of some pretty interesting discoveries by community members, as there were some Valve developers and projects shown in the recent ELeague stream.


The above icon is used by the Valve team for their CS:GO Blog and has now been found to be used on one of the developers monitors, in the same screenshot (taken from the steam)

In the video, you can find multiple shots of the CS:GO development team working on a project. If you are able to look close enough you will notice a new CS:GO icon in their Windows 7 Taskbar, along with many other interesting finds we are going to dive into.


Sadly, there is no sharper version of the image but users on twitter have been trying to find a program or application with a similar one. So far, no luck, as both the backup icon, the current icon and the other various options do not match, leading us to believe that this is something new (but we will never know for sure until official news comes out about it).

Diving into the second goldmine that was found, the Dust 2 remake which has been rumored about since the dawn of time as a joke, seems pretty real now with these images. To make matters more believable there was the unnoticed patch posted around two months ago, which revealed a few new lines of code:


“HR prefix basically just stands for high resolution” noted the original poster MaxReiger. He continued to explain that “This basically confirms by it self that remake is coming for Dust1/Dust2. HR prefix basically just stands for high resolution but the key fact here is that all the maps that Valve has remade/re-branded with a backstory attached has those prefixs for the models”.


In the above image you can see the CS:GO developers working on a map tool kit, and in the toolkit you can see some wireframes, but if you look close enough in the top left corner of the first screen you will notice something that resembles the part just before you enter B Long.

So, we can deduct that there is some update coming to our beloved map Dust 2 though how large of an update well, only time can tell.

There are also other various notes that were made but most are simply theories revolving around the next mission, and perhaps a full large scale release. Source 2 anybody?

Also it’s nice to see all of the three Valve employees working (kappa).

  • Cameron Hamman

    I can’t wait for a remake… Means we will see less of it xD

  • Jose Patricio

    In the top right wireframe image you can see the right side of dust 2 map.. doors pit long ramp a site ct short mid cat etc.