Arachne Tops Playoffs Undefeated

Hearthstone (HS) (DGL)

Although the 2015 Telkom DGL Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (HS) Winter Leg Premier Playoffs have concluded, the admins are still waiting on the scores of the match between Francois ‘Fafa’ Mouton and Greg ‘GrazE’ Bloch.

Until these results have been submitted, and the admins have checked all the other match results and tickets, the results log will be a preliminary standing. Of course, the match score will not do much in the way of changing up the scoreboard, but it will give the player that wins a chance if something goes terribly wrong for the top players during the finalisation process.

This past weekend was quite a doozy for the HS Premier Playoffs and saw Ryan ‘Arachne’ Norden beat out Gerhard ‘SilentGhost’ van Buuren which not only secured him a top spot finish, but also secured Derrick ‘Unsane’ Williams’ second place finish.

The current, preliminary, results for the Premier Playoffs are as follows:

HS Prem Playoffs Preliminary Results

The players that are being promoted will have finished in the top two spots once the admins have finalised everything. Preliminarily, however, the current players in the promotion spots are:

The rest of the players could be demoted to the First Division of the 2015 Summer Leg, by the end of the week. Of course, the fun is not yet over, with each player in the Premier Playoffs now looking ahead to the DGC Playoffs and one of the coveted spots left at the 2015 Telkom DGC.

The players will not only be facing each other, but the players that qualify from the Break-Through Playoffs, as well for a spot at the DGC. It is definitely going to be an insane, adrenaline fuelled few weeks as the players try to make it into the top spots of their groups to bag one of only a handful of spots left for the DGC. Being that this is the first time HS will be making its way to the LAN final, making it to the DGC is a rather big thing within the HS community.

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