Announcing the R1,5 Million cash prize pool for DGL Masters 2017

Johannesburg, South Africa – February 7, 2017 – Following the success of last year’s DGL Masters, DGL is thrilled to announce that the total cash prize pool for the 2017 Masters Program will be close to R1,5 Million. This means that each title (CSGO and Dota 2) Final will have a prize pool of R550,000.

This figure does not include the two Masters Cups planned for earlier in the year, with each tournament to offer an incredible R110,000 respectively.

After tremendous feedback, we’ve decided to reach out to the console community and take the Masters to the next level with FIFA 17! The two FIFA tournaments will have a combined prize pool of R120,000.

The tournament is open to all FIFA players in South Africa who will be able to attend either-of-two planned Masters events for the year and compete in-front of a live audience for the mantle of Masters champion.

With this added investment, the DGL is determined to support the online gaming community across all spheres; casual, semi-professional and professional gaming. We look forward to another incredible year of DGL Masters action.

White-Rabbit-Gaming crowned 2016 Masters #Dota2 champions

About the Masters

The Masters is the highest tier of DGL competition reserved for the top MGOs (Multi-Gaming Organizations) and players in South Africa, competing in CSGO,  Dota 2 and FIFA for their share of R1.5 Million prize pool.

In October 2016, Bravado Gaming were crowned first-ever Masters champions for CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive).

An emphatic victory over Carbon Esports [now Energy Esports] capped off an impressive year for the blues, but the reigning champions recently announced that they will not take part in the Masters for 2017 and will instead take advantage of the new wildcard qualifier in hopes of qualifying for the Masters Cup.

In Dota 2, White Rabbit Gaming’s bitter rivalry with Bravado exploded onto the grand stage with the rabbits capturing a fervent championship victory. The win marked an incredible accomplishment for the newly formed MGO and inspired hundreds of teams to reach for new heights in the DGL.

This year the Masters will host ten (10) MGOs competing in both CSGO and Dota 2. Additionally, the Community Shield is designed to grant equal opportunity for non-Masters teams to earn a spot in the Masters Cup or end-of-the-year Masters Final and share in that major prize pool on the big stage.

About the DGL

The Digital Gaming League (DGL) is the largest and most recognized online competitive gaming league in South Africa.

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