All the DGL CS:GO Masters Leg 1 Results

Results are in for the first leg of the DGL Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Masters League, and see newcomers to the Masters Energy eSports secure an undefeated first victory of the year, reigning triumphant in first place. Following the log leaders is a curious affair, with a four way tie for second place a testament to just how close the teams are in terms of skill and experience.

While the teams at the top of the log can toast to their success this leg, for the bottom four on the log, their trial continues as they will now face the top four teams from the Sapphire and Emerald Showdowns respectively in the Community Shield Masters Wildcard Qualifier. The Qualifier will see teams competing in a bid to secure their place at the upcoming Masters Cup.

Energy eSports truly proved themselves a force to be reckoned with this leg, securing an undefeated victory and only dropping a single map in their battle against xTc Gaming. They truly have stepped up to the plate to be the team to beat in upcoming events.

In terms of the most improved squad of the leg, we saw a remarkably strong xTc Gaming line-up come out the gates, beginning their first leg of the journey with a 5-0 start which set them up for a strong showing in the remainder of their matches. Their winning streak was ultimately broken by a strong White Rabbit Gaming side who managed to build on their new found momentum, taking down Aperture Gaming and Flipsid3 Tactics to secure themselves a top five place on the log.

On the other side of the spectrum, Veneration E-Sports found themselves being a squad with no notable performances to speak of this leg, being unable to secure a single victory and only having taken maps off other bottom of the log sides Flipsid3 Tactics and Ventus Gaming. Some major changes are in order if they wish to succeed at securing victory at the Community Shield Wildcard Qualifier as the Sapphire and Emerald teams are definitely looking hungry for their chance at participation in one of South Africa’s premier CS:GO events, the upcoming Masters Cup.

Below are your 12 Community Shield teams that will be brawling for the two DGL Masters Cup spots on offer for victorious teams. Will we see a Showdown team break into the Masters Cup or will the bottom Masters teams prevail? Stay tuned to Telkom Gaming to find out.  

Teams participating in the upcoming CS:GO Community Shield event as follows:

Eight Sapphire and Emerald Teams:

  1. PewPew Counter-Strike
  2. PROWolves
  3. bvd – Bravado Gaming CS:GO
  4. VnR – Rejects
  5. Teh Gucci BoyZ
  6. Fat Cloud Gaming
  7. Mythic Gaming
  8. Ventus Red

Bottom Four From Masters:

  1. Flipsid3 Tactics
  2. Pulse Gaming
  3. Ventus
  4. Veneration E-Sports

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