Adastam Removed from Active ApG Line-Up

One of the biggest clashes so far in the in the DGL Dota 2Masters is set to take place tonight, as the two undefeated sides so far, Aperture Gaming and White Rabbit Gaming, are set to go head to head in what is sure to be an epic encounter.

There has been a sudden and surprising spanner thrown in the works however as Aperture Gaming has just announced the removal of carry player Adam “Adastam” Moore from their line-up, who has been up until now one of the key players in the side and its success.

This was obviously a tough decision to make, and since it is the middle of the Leg, there are some things that cannot happen thanks to the roster lock, so for the moment, Moore will still be a part of their team, although no longer active.

Adam “Adastam” Moore at the 2016 Dota 2 DGL Masters.

Telkom Gaming managed to catch a few words with the captain of ApG, Chad “acg” Simpson, who clarified what the team will be doing for the remainder of the Leg, and that is was ultimately an internal decision within the team to make the change:

“Well a change like this will never be easy for a team. Especially since we’ve played with Adam for such a long time. However, we felt as a team this was needed for the long term results we are looking for. As for our match tonight, and for the rest of the leg – We will be using “Hurley” our long time sub. Our performance should still be fairly solid, but we will have to see.”

When asked if there will be an oncoming replacement once the Leg was done, Simpson merely suggested that they have a player in mind, and that we will found out more once the actual Transfer Window comes around.

This, however, does leave Moore currently looking for a team, and for the moment, it doesn’t seem like he has any intention of stopping:

“My time with the team has been amazing, filled with many adventures and topped off with a great DGC performance in October 2016 at rAge, a result, if I’m honest, I’m really proud of. I’d like to wish them the very best going forward in their future endeavours.

As for my plans going forward, I’ll say the following: I fully intend to continue playing competitive DotA 2 and am currently considering/looking for opportunities to this regard. As soon as anything concrete starts to form or a decision has been made, you will all be the first to know!”

Regardless of the state of the team they still have a match to play this evening, and against reigning Masters champions White Rabbit Gaming at that. Be sure to tune in to see all the action tonight as local casters Succubus and JubbaGaming bring all the action to you live!

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