Adastam Moves to xTc Gaming

In a rather surprise move xTc Gaming have announced the acquisition of former Aperture Gaming carry, Adam “Adastam” Moore.

This has been an tumultuous  week for Moore, with Aperture Gaming announcing that he  would be removed from the active Aperture Gaming line-up earlier this week, leaving him seemingly homeless for the rest of the Leg.

Seeing an opening however, xTc Gaming were quick to swoop in and pick up the community-loved talent, and have, as such, switched around some of the roles within the team to accommodate their new carry.

The official announcement came via xTc Gaming’s Facebook page:

“xTc Gaming is incredibly proud to announce that Adam “Adastam” Moore will be joining the xTc.Dota 2 team. This has all come about very suddenly over the last couple of days, we’ve made some changes in the team to accommodate Adam. The new roles will be:”

  • Adastam – Carry
  • Depi – Mid
  • Skynet – Offlane
  • DotA-and-Die – Support
  • bluecat – Support
  • DOOMbunni – Reserve

Telkom Gaming managed to catch up with Moore, who seemed energised and ready to take on the new challenges that xTc face, starting with Damage Control on Sunday:

“It’s a huge relief to be honest, as being stuck in a tough situation and unable to play competitive DotA2 didn’t make me happy at all. I’m extremely grateful to have found an amazing new home in xTc Gaming. They’ve been really welcoming and friendly.

The xTc squad has always had players with exceptional individual skill, so I’m really excited to be playing with them. The squad has massive potential and I’m really excited by what we could achieve this year.”

A sudden roster change is always an interesting one, and I for one am curious to see how the new roster fairs, and whether Moore is the kicker the team needs to finish in the podium for Leg one of the Dota 2 Masters.

With both White Rabbit Gaming and former teammates Aperture Gaming still to be played, one thing is for sure – things just got a little more interesting here in the Dota 2 DGL Masters.