A Confident Flipsid3 Tactics SA Talks Team Growth

Despite facing a tough start in the 2017 Masters, the freshly renovated Flipsid3 Tactics CS:GO squad maintains their dedication to become a top contender in the South African CS:GO scene. Telkom Gaming caught up with captain Rikus “ZipZipZA” Klue for some insight into the new line-up, team dynamics and more.

Telkom Gaming (TG): Your team came into the tournament as potential favourites but have yet to win a game. Is there any particular reason behind this?

Rikus “ZipZipZA” Klue: Yeah, I think in our minds we are still confident that we are one of the favourites despite not winning our first two games.

To be honest our individual game was not nearly as strong as it normally is and we had a few problems with some of our players timing from the server and so on. Despite that, we were still disappointed in ourselves as we felt that we still showcased some bad Counter-Strike and that we should have been strong enough as a unit to rise above it and walk away with a victory.

Our lineup at the moment, with Ashton “Golz” Muller, is also pretty new and we are busy changing some dynamics around in the team to see what will be the best for the team moving forward. We haven’t had a lot of time to do this, so it will be interesting to see how we progress as the Leg continues. All credit to xTc and Aperture Gaming as they both played exceptionally well. Both teams, but especially xTc, were way more prepared and focused than we expected and it definitely gave them that extra stretch they needed to defeat us.”

TG: What preparations are you making for your next set of games?

Rikus “ZipZipZA” Klue: “Before we basically just theory crafted ideas about how we are going to approach the game and what we want to achieve and what we need to do in order to achieve it.We actually only started now working on the structure of our new lineup in terms of roles and defaults and how we are going to approach the game so that we can become more consistent and solid in our own playstyle.

We are busy taking it step-by-step, this might make us a bit vulnerable at the moment until all the pieces are put together and each player feels comfortable after adjusting to the playstyle we want to achieve, but we are more focused on making sure we build our game around the correct fundamentals so that when it really matters, in future games and upcoming LANs, we as a unit know and believe in the foundation we set. I’m sure as the leg goes on we should be getting stronger and stronger each game.”

Practice always makes perfect especially with the abyss for strategies in the local CS:GO scene, any team that is average in player skill but talented in building tactics will climb the local ladder. With some talented players in the lineup, the potential is there and could just need some tweaking before we see it really take-off.

Telkom Gaming: How often does your team practice strategies and play together?

Rikus “ZipZipZA” Klue: “Well at the moment and moving forward we are going to put in a lot of time into Practice. We Practice and play five out of the seven days in the week. Most of us that are home from midday will have Individual Practice as well as go over setups with each other in certain areas and sites, and then again we meet up at usually 6:30 PM and watch demos/POVs and work on strategies and after that we will scrim until around 10:30 PM. Sundays we usually practice and play from midday till after all our ESEA and DGL Masters matches”

TG: Finally, your next game is against eXdeee Gaming. How confident do you feel?

Rikus “ZipZipZA” Klue: “I think we will be confident in every game coming up however, we have no idea what to expect from eXdee yet as they are a new team in Masters. Looking at their lineup, they have players with really good game mechanics and aim and they are also led by Spoof, and he is really good at making calls that bring out the best in his players. From our side, we are just going to focus on our own game and teamwork. I think discipline will be a key factor in this match-up.”

Having lost both their starting games to Xperts at Total Chaos (2-1) and Aperture Gaming (2-1) respectively, F3 have a tough climb ahead of them if they wish to make an impact on the Masters league though the side has yet to lose its signature drive. The question remains: will their dedication to refining their base technique be able to tide them over until their squad can learn to work better as a team? Time will tell.

Be sure to catch Flipsid3 Tactics’ next match against eXdee Gaming next Monday and follow them on their official website and via Twitter and Facebook for regular updates.

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