Tips and Tricks to Improve your ARK Experience in 2017

Studio Wildcard’s ARK: Survival Evolved is one of those games that is continuously adding new content and new ways to excel at the game of survival. With so many creatures and features making their way into the game, it is easy to fall behind in terms of what the best way to achieve your end goals can be. As new creatures are constantly being added, sometimes making old harvest methods seem prehistoric, oft times players need a little nudge in the right direction to get them back on track and on top of the food chain.

A recent excursion back into the PvP playing field showed me that, even with more than 1500 ARK hours under my belt, there is always something new to learn so, whether you’re an ARK veteran, haven’t played in a few months or are even a daily player, here are some tips and tricks for making the most of some of the newly added creatures:

Thylacoleo Furtimorsus (the marsupial lion) is both beautiful and dangerous and should be a part of your PvP arsenal.

  • One of the latest additions to the ARK (and currently only available on the Island), the Thylacoleo is a tree-dwelling feline about the size of a bear. Why is it an effective creature you ask? Try taking a fly through the Redwood Biome and you will soon see why this animal is a PvP contender.
  • Thylacoleo can climb sheer surfaces (like large Red Wood trees and cliffs) but it also comes equipped with both a pounce and a grab. It uses these abilities to knock riders off their flying mounts, dragging them to the floor and pinning them down for what seems like an eternity (or at least until either the cat or one of the numerous Red Wood Biome’s hazards ends it for you).
  • Pair it with your favourite Rex and you have the perfect ambush waiting to happen.

Microraptor Gnarilongus is a small but deadly threat that can be used to dismount riders, leaving them susceptible to attack

  • We all know that ARK is dangerous on foot so any creature that has the ability to dismount a rider is dangerous but the Microraptor is more than that because once tamed, a rider can carry the small beast on shoulder and launch it at enemies to do dismounts on the fly
  • Paired up with some stronger creatures, their ability to dismount riders is an effective way to neutralise enemies hiding out on Rexes or other large carnivores

Therizinosaurus multiensis are versatile gatherers that can replace a wide range of other tames

  • Arguably one of the strangest looking creatures currently roaming the ARK, the Therizinosaurus is one of the most versatile creatures currently available and, combined with a fairly decent DPS, fast attack speed and armour shredding claws, the Therizino is a formidable enemy but invaluable ally
  • Need a wood/thatch/rare mushroom harvester? No problem – use your right click attack
  • Need a fibre/silk gatherer/organic polymer? No problem – use your right click attack
  • Need a chitin/berry/hide? No problem – use your C ability
  • Need a battle dino? No problem – the Therizino’s primary attack hits twice with every click and each hit deals damage to enemies. The Therizino also deals damage to both rider and dino, making it even more formidable in battle. Their bite (C ability) also inflicts a slight torpor effect, making it even more effective when fighting smaller creatures as you can inflict torpor on a rider directly (as long as he is lower than the Therizino)
  • Another upside to the Therizino’s harvesting is the ability to upgrade it’s gathering abilities independently
    • Need to concentrate on wood/meat gathering? Level up Power Harvesting
    • Need to concentrate on berry/chitin/polymer? Level up Delicate Harvesting
  • The one downside to this strange creature is that it is a herbivore and thus cannot heal through the use of meat (although if you are able to make sweet veggie cakes these can be used to heal your mount in combat, albeit with a bit more work than meat)

Baryonx Aquafulgur, the semi-aquatic stun-lock dino can be used to effectively gather bio-toxins to help tame the most powerful of creatures

  • Another relatively new addition, the Baryonx is a fairly weak dinosaur on land, however, once in the water, it becomes a formidable threat. Using it’s tail-spin attack, the Baryonx can dismount and temporarily stun enemy riders, leaving them helpless in the water.
  • Due to the ranged nature of the tail-spin, the Baryonx is an effective Cnidaria (jellyfish) killer and can be used to harvest large amounts of valuable bio-toxins in a relatively easy manner
  • While weak on land, the ability to go on land without hassle means you can easily store your aquatic creature in a normal base instead of having to contend with the hazards of building and maintaining a water base

In terms of in-game items, there have not been very many exciting additions to vanilla ARK (unless you happen to be one of the few lucky tribes that can contend with the Bosses for Tek Tier) however, with the adoption of the ARK Sponsored Mod Program, I have seen an increase in the number of servers running Structures Plus – one of my favourite MODS and a deal-breaker when looking for a new server. As such, here are some handy features of Structures Plus (S+) that you may find to be potential game changers:

  • True no collision building
  • All items can be picked up – want to ensure a safe base while logged off? Drop that vault in front of your front door when you log off and simply pick it when you are ready to play again
  • S+ Item Collector – Make better use of the Achatina limusegnis’ (snail) cement-paste excreting ability with the S+ Item Collector which collects poop, unfertilized eggs and snail paste
  • S+ Feeding Trough – aside from keeping your army fed the S+ Feeding Trough also proves a boon in breeding. Once imprinted, players can now leave their baby creatures un-tended (aside for imprinting) as the S+ unit will actively hand-feed any babies in the area
  • S+  Resource Puller Gun – easily pull any available resources (within the gun’s quite large radius) into any crafting table (even tables not part of the S+ mod)
  • All gas burning structures can be switched to run off electricity, reducing your gasoline usage
  • The ability to place pipes and wires inside foundations for protection
  • Dynamic, flexible pipes & wires that will connect nearby pipes & wires (for linking up separate grids that wouldn’t fit a normal pipe/wire

Have you discovered a creature/feature recently that you feel changed the way you play ARK (Therizino I love you so) and, if you aren’t currently playing on a server without Structures Plus… wait, why aren’t you playing on a server with Structures Plus?