2016 Hearthstone DGC Vods

The 2016 Hearthstone DGC kicked off with an action packed group stage with competitors able to take the first day of the competition to test their opponents strengths and weaknesses as they competed for favourable seeds going into the double-elimination second stage.

Standings at the end of day one as per below:


Going into day 2 players had a better understanding of what they would face and, with the stakes ever higher, were keen to really test their skills.

Newcomer to the DGC, Gadi “Zaymok” Friedman, gave us a breakdown of the competition ahead of the start of the double elimination stage as well as his thoughts on changes to the meta just ahead of DGC:

Take a look at some of the key matches of the competition below (courtesy of local Hearthstone streamer  Andrew “PenguinZA” Hodgkinson):

Winners Bracket Round 1 – Graze vs Pand3m0nia

Winners Bracket Round 2 – Zaymok vs Gas

Winners Bracket Round 3 – Selfmoord vs Leeu

Winners Bracket Round 3 – Zaymok vs Bl00dsloth

Lower Bracket Round 3 – Pand3m0nia vs Slider

Winner’s Bracket Final – Gas vs Leeu

Grand Final: Gas vs Slider

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